Buying a truck

The best business is repeat business.  The only way for us to earn repeat business is to sell you the right truck the first time.  Our selection of built equipment is a culmination of feedback from our customers, catering to the needs of owners and end users alike.  Our sales team helps match you to the best equipment for the work you do.  This could be a new truck, a used truck, or a remount of older equipment.  Whatever your need is, our goal is to meet it.  Are you planning for a future expansion or replacement?  This is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you like.  Custom doesn’t have to mean chrome and lights, it also means equipment storage, ergonomics, equipment upgrades, everything you like to do to the trucks you’ve bought before but delivered turn key. 

Selling a truck

Did you know TBS can help you get rid of your equipment as well?  We know you can’t keep buying truck after truck and not get buried so we take selling your old truck as serious as selling you a new truck.  Our Consignment program is tailored to each customer, ensuring you get the value you want for your truck.  Reasonable offers will be brought to you for consideration but the low ballers and tire kickers and handled by us.  Alternatively, TBS can trade in your used equipment toward the purchase of new equipment.  You get your equity right when you need it and get it applied directly to your next truck, not back and forth, no hassle. 

Spec’ing your next truck

Towing equipment is a broad term.  From light duty self-loaders to 50 tons of Rotator, there is no one truck that does everything nor one way to build each truck.  An extended cab with a Sidepuller and LCG Carrier might be perfect for rural mountain recoveries but terrible for your downtown towing contract.  Where do you compromise?  What’s more important to you? We want you to decide.  Fill out the form below with your specific needs and we will help you find your truck or make it happen from the ground up 

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