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Family Owned & Operated

Business is often seen as the opposite of personal.  We don’t think so.  Our business is an independent family business like many of our customers.  We would like to invite you to be part of our towing family as we work to grow each other’s business.  Because in our experience, the best part of working with family is always knowing there is someone on your side.  

New & Used Towing Equipment 

Whether it is a new wrecker or a pre-owned carrier, we are committed to finding you what you need for your business.  Our focus on the towing and recovery industry removes the noise of all the other “commercial trucks” on the market.  Furthermore, we ensure your equipment is useful here in California.  Building a truck weighing 17,000 lbs empty with only a 19,500 lb weight rating makes no sense out here.  Nor does building a truck with a single small toolbox and calling it “rotation ready”.  Our trucks are spec’d from a culmination of regulatory and real world feedback from our customers.  Our philosophy is a tow truck should be sold ready to tow.  

Custom: Your specifications, not the other guys

Custom is about more than flashing lights. Custom is about building a truck to fit your company.  Some customers run autoclub calls and need to be outfitted for a wide variety of services, we work with them to build an efficient storage design to help keep them and their drivers organized and running smooth.  Some customers simply need a tow truck, a no-frills workhorse designed to go out and bring a vehicle back.  And even others like to add a bit of style and flair to their equipment.  Whatever your needs, we want to take the time to to make your truck just that: Yours.


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